Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 Apk Full App

Android Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 ApkApps Free download!!

Apk For Mobile  :-  Samsung / Sony Ericson / HTC / Micromax /Karbon

Notification toggles & shortcuts:

 - Brightness mode / 3D menu
 - Screen timeout dialog / Popup
 - Wake lock / Finger Print Unlocked
 - Rotation 180 Degree
 - WiFi- Enable & USB-Tethering
 - Google GPS at Minner End
 - Memory data settings
 - Music:- Play / next / pause
 - WiFi Connectivity / advanced settings
 - Bluetooth Connectivity, Bluetooth visbility
 - Flight mode Notification
 - Internet Data usage Pro
 - Battery Status Pro
 - Camera HD Snap
 - Bluetooth 4.0 Active
 - NFC
 - Flashlight ( HD LED Flash )
 - App Sync & Sync now
 - Wallpaper Changer (requires WallpaperChanger)
 - Lockscreen (DelayedLock)
 - Shutdown & Reboot

Google has Announced the latest Apps Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 Apk For Android based Phones . It is Very Awesome Apps For
Tablet /Phone .Android OS gives you everything you need to build best in class Apk experiences. If you want to download the Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 ApkApps please visit Google Apps Store and Search it.

Requirement :-  Android2.1+

Android Version :-  Android v3.6.14 Apk

Name Of  Apps :-  Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 Apk

Android OS :-   Only Android Mobile

Free Download Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 Apk-2013

How to Download :- please visit Below link and Copy and paste in address bar ok .

Download here :-
Image of Apps :- Notification Toggle Premium+ v3.6.14 Apk

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